Quotes What can I say? I've been taking classes and learning from Tracy, Liz and Sara for 10 years...and I keep coming back for more. The teachers create a wonderful atmosphere among all students--open, positive, supportive, friendly and inspiring. Quotes
Mark J.

Quotes What a great idea. My sister and I have been talking about what I could do to stay focused on my writing because my job eats up so much of my time. Joining a writing circle and expecting to meet with others once a week is not realistic for me at this point. But being able to send things of to y'all and get feedback gives me the incentive to keep writing...I'm excited about doing this. Quotes
Nancy S.

Quotes Much of my writing success I owe to Sara, Liz and Tracy of Around the Block fame. In the summer of 2001, each instructor reached out to encourage me, a new writer (with literally 20 or so written pages under her belt) who drove 1200 miles to participate in my first writing workshop. Their gentle/tough approach, as they expertly blend their different disciplines, allowed me to flourish at a creative level well beyond the day-to-day. At the end of each workshop I always leave inspired. Around the Block is the greatest place to recharge your writing battery. Quotes
Jill B.

Quotes I love, love, love the writing assignments from Around the Block. It has been great having three different instructors from three diverse backgrounds to challenge me. I have found the prompts they have given spark my creative juices, just what I need to get me to put the pen to paper! I have written about subjects that I never would have dreamed to on my own. I find it a great way to keep in touch with a part of me that is otherwise easy to ignore. Quotes
Gina O.

Quotes These ladies could get a post to write. Quotes
John B.

Quotes I never thought of myself as a writer, but I've always loved the written word. All the classes I've taken from Sara, Liz and Tracy over the last eight years have changed all that. Now I feel like I can write and grow and write some more. They have changed my perception of myself by doing two things: they find the good in what I have written and then they ask the questions that lead me to look at ways to improve. Quotes
Beverly L.

Quotes Thank you for your EXTREMELY valuable comments. I truly appreciate the work you put into this. Makes me feel good. I love that you see so clearly where I can tighten things up...a great learning experience for me. Quotes
Kristi V.

Quotes I have been going over your comments on my poems and truly appreciate all the work you put into them. The past three years, beginning with the workshop I took with Liz, Sara and Tracy, have been the most gratifying and stimulating I have ever spent. I was looking for something that would occupy me when I retire, little suspecting I would find a preoccupation with words that has opened so many new avenues of interest. I'm glad to be going Around the Block again. Quotes
Kathleen W.

Quotes Your comments were perfect, just what I was looking for. You really "got" the story and were able to identify the areas where I probably struggled. Quotes
Jonah G.
New Jersey